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Region Class

This class represents a rectangular region in X,Y space, and performs geometric transformations or tests upon the region.

This class may be used to compare the document regions occupied by elements.

Namespace: Ext.util

Base Types

Derived Types


Name Description
Region(JsNumber, JsNumber, JsNumber, JsNumber) Creates a region from the bounding sides.


Name Description
adjust(JsNumber, JsNumber, JsNumber, JsNumber) Modifies the current region to be adjusted by offsets.
constrainTo(Region) Modifies the current region to be constrained to the targetRegion.
contains(Region) Checks if this region completely contains the region that is passed in.
copy() Create a copy of this Region.
copyFrom(Region) Copy the values of another Region to this Region
equals(Region) Check whether this region is equivalent to the given region
from(object) Creates a Region from a "box" Object which contains four numeric properties top, right, bottom and left.
getOutOfBoundOffset(object, object) Get the offset amount of a point outside the region
getOutOfBoundOffsetX(JsNumber) Get the offset amount on the x-axis
getOutOfBoundOffsetY(JsNumber) Get the offset amount on the y-axis
getRegion(object) Retrieves an Ext.util.Region for a particular element.
intersect(Region) Checks if this region intersects the region passed in.
isOutOfBound(object, object) Check whether the point / offset is out of bound
isOutOfBoundX(JsNumber) Check whether the offset is out of bound in the x-axis
isOutOfBoundY(JsNumber) Check whether the offset is out of bound in the y-axis
round() Round all the properties of this region
translateBy(object, JsNumber) Translate this region by the given offset amount
union(Region) Returns the smallest region that contains the current AND targetRegion.
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