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SorterConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.util

Base Types


Derived Types


Name Description


Name Description
direction The direction to sort by. Defaults to: "ASC"
property The property to sort by. Required unless sorterFn is provided. The property is extracted from the object directly and compared for sorting using the built in comparison operators.
root Optional root property. This is mostly useful when sorting a Store, in which case we set the root to 'data' to make the filter pull the property out of the data object of each item
sorterFn A specific sorter function to execute. Can be passed instead of property. This sorter function allows for any kind of custom/complex comparisons. The sorterFn receives two arguments, the objects being compared. The function should return:
  • -1 if o1 is "less than" o2
  • 0 if o1 is "equal" to o2
  • 1 if o1 is "greater than" o2
  • transform A function that will be run on each value before it is compared in the sorter. The function will receive a single argument, the value.
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