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Utility class for generating different styles of message boxes. The singleton instance, Ext.MessageBox alias Ext.Msg can also be used.

Note that a MessageBox is asynchronous. Unlike a regular JavaScript alert (which will halt browser execution), showing a MessageBox will not cause the code to stop. For this reason, if you have code that should only run after some user feedback from the MessageBox, you must use a callback function (see the function parameter for show for more details).

Basic alert

    Ext.Msg.alert('Status', 'Changes saved successfully.');

Prompt for user data and process the result using a callback

    Ext.Msg.prompt('Name', 'Please enter your name:', function(btn, text){
            if (btn == 'ok'){
            // process text value and close...

Show a dialog using config options{
            title:'Save Changes?',
            msg: 'You are closing a tab that has unsaved changes. Would you like to save your changes?',
            buttons: Ext.Msg.YESNOCANCEL,
            icon: Ext.Msg.QUESTION

A specialized panel intended for use as an application window. Windows are floated, resizable, and draggable by default. Windows can be maximized to fill the viewport, restored to their prior size, and can be minimized.

Windows can also be linked to a Ext.ZIndexManager or managed by the Ext.WindowManager to provide grouping, activation, to front, to back and other application-specific behavior.

By default, Windows will be rendered to document.body. To constrain a Window to another element specify renderTo.

As with all Containers, it is important to consider how you want the Window to size and arrange any child Components. Choose an appropriate layout configuration which lays out child Components in the required manner.

    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
            title: 'Hello',
            height: 200,
            width: 400,
            layout: 'fit',
            items: {  // Let's put an empty grid in just to illustrate fit layout
            xtype: 'grid',
            border: false,
            columns: [{header: 'World'}],                 // One header just for show. There's no data,
            store: Ext.create('', {}) // A dummy empty data store
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