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AbstractManager Class

Base Manager class

Namespace: Ext

Base Types


Name Description
all Contains all of the items currently managed


Name Description
create(object, JsString) Creates and returns an instance of whatever this manager manages, based on the supplied type and config object.
each(Delegate, object) Executes the specified function once for each item in the collection.
get(JsString) Returns an item by id. For additional details see Ext.util.HashMap.get.
getCount() Gets the number of items in the collection.
isRegistered(JsString) Checks if an item type is registered.
onAvailable(JsString, Delegate, object) Registers a function that will be called when an item with the specified id is added to the manager. This will happen on instantiation.
register(object) Registers an item to be managed
registerType(JsString, Delegate) Registers a new item constructor, keyed by a type key.
unregister(object) Unregisters an item by removing it from this manager
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