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ComponentConfig Class

Namespace: Ext

Base Types


Name Description


Name Description
autoScroll true to use overflow:'auto' on the components layout element and show scroll bars automatically when necessary, false to clip any overflowing content. This should not be combined with overflowX or overflowY. Defaults to: false
columnWidth Defines the column width inside column layout. Can be specified as a number or as a percentage.
focusOnToFront Specifies whether the floated component should be automatically focused when it is brought to the front. Defaults to: true
formBind When inside FormPanel, any component configured with formBind: true will be enabled/disabled depending on the validity state of the form. See Ext.form.Panel for more information and example. Defaults to: false
overflowX Possible values are: * 'auto' to enable automatic horizontal scrollbar (overflow-x: 'auto'). * 'scroll' to always enable horizontal scrollbar (overflow-x: 'scroll'). The default is overflow-x: 'hidden'. This should not be combined with autoScroll.
overflowY Possible values are: * 'auto' to enable automatic vertical scrollbar (overflow-y: 'auto'). * 'scroll' to always enable vertical scrollbar (overflow-y: 'scroll'). The default is overflow-y: 'hidden'. This should not be combined with autoScroll.
region Defines the region inside border layout. Possible values:
  • center
  • north
  • south
  • east
  • west
  • resizable Specify as true to apply a Resizer to this Component after rendering. May also be specified as a config object to be passed to the constructor of Resizer to override any defaults. By default the Component passes its minimum and maximum size, and uses Ext.resizer.Resizer.dynamic: false
    resizeHandles A valid Ext.resizer.Resizer handles config string. Only applies when resizable = true. Defaults to: "all"
    shadow Specifies whether the floating component should be given a shadow. Set to true to automatically create an Ext.Shadow, or a string indicating the shadow's display Ext.Shadow.mode. Set to false to disable the shadow. Defaults to: "sides"
    shadowOffset Number of pixels to offset the shadow.
    toFrontOnShow True to automatically call toFront when the show method is called on an already visible, floating component. Defaults to: true
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