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LayerConfig Class

Namespace: Ext


Name Description


Name Description
cls CSS class to add to the element
constrain False to disable constrain to viewport. Defaults to: true
dh DomHelper object config to create element with. Defaults to: {tag: "div", cls: "x-layer"}
hideMode A String which specifies how this Layer will be hidden. Values may be:
  • 'display' : The Component will be hidden using the display: none style.
  • 'visibility' : The Component will be hidden using the visibility: hidden style.
  • 'offsets' : The Component will be hidden by absolutely positioning it out of the visible area of the document. This is useful when a hidden Component must maintain measurable dimensions. Hiding using display results in a Component having zero dimensions.
  • shadow True to automatically create an Ext.Shadow, or a string indicating the shadow's display Ext.Shadow.mode. False to disable the shadow. Defaults to: false
    shadowOffset Number of pixels to offset the shadow Defaults to: 4
    shim False to disable the iframe shim in browsers which need one. Defaults to: true
    useDisplay Defaults to use css offsets to hide the Layer. Specify true to use css style 'display:none;' to hide the Layer. Defaults to: false
    visibilityCls The CSS class name to add in order to hide this Layer if this layer is configured with hideMode: 'asclass'
    zindex Starting z-index. Defaults to: 11000
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