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LoaderConfig Class

Namespace: Ext

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
disableCaching Appends current timestamp to script files to prevent caching. Defaults to: true
disableCachingParam The get parameter name for the cache buster's timestamp. Defaults to: "_dc"
enabled Whether or not to enable the dynamic dependency loading feature. Defaults to: false
garbageCollect True to prepare an asynchronous script tag for garbage collection (effective only if preserveScripts is false) Defaults to: false
paths The mapping from namespaces to file paths
            'Ext': '.', // This is set by default, Ext.layout.container.Container will be
            // loaded from ./layout/Container.js
            'My': './src/my_own_folder' // My.layout.Container will be loaded from
            // ./src/my_own_folder/layout/Container.js
Note that all relative paths are relative to the current HTML document. If not being specified, for example, Other.awesome.Class will simply be loaded from ./Other/awesome/Class.js Defaults to: {"Ext": "."}
preserveScripts False to remove and optionally garbage-collect asynchronously loaded scripts, True to retain script element for browser debugger compatibility and improved load performance. Defaults to: true
scriptChainDelay millisecond delay between asynchronous script injection (prevents stack overflow on some user agents) 'false' disables delay but potentially increases stack load. Defaults to: false
scriptCharset Optional charset to specify encoding of dynamic script content.
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