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History interface History { readonly attribute long length ; void go (in optional long delta); void back (); void forward (); void pushState (in any data, in DOMString title, in optional DOMString url); void replaceState (in any data, in DOMString title, in optional DOMString url); };
HtmlAppletElement The applet element is a Java-specific variant of the embed element. The applet element is now obsoleted so that all extension frameworks (Java, .NET, Flash, etc) are handled in a consistent manner.
HtmlAttribute Represents an HTML Attribute node
HtmlAttributeCollection A collection of attributes of an object.
HtmlBaseElement The base element allows authors to specify the document base URL for the purposes of resolving relative URLs , and the name of the default browsing context for the purposes of following hyperlinks . The element does not represent any content beyond this information.
HtmlBaseFontElement User agents must treat acronym elements in a manner equivalent to abbr elements.
HtmlBody Represents the root Body element of a HTML document
HtmlBr Inserts a line break.
HtmlButton Specifies a container for rich HTML that is rendered as a button.
HtmlCaption Specifies a brief description for a table.
HtmlClipboardData Provides access to predefined clipboard formats for use in editing operations.
HtmlCssRule Represents a style within a Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that consists of a selector and one or more declarations.
HtmlDiv Specifies a container that renders HTML.
HtmlDocument Represents an HTML document
HtmlDocumentElement Tag: HTML. Represents the root element of a HTML document.
HtmlDocumentFragment Represents a fragment of a document
HtmlDomEventArgs Represents the state of an event, such as the element in which the event occurred, the state of the keyboard keys, the location of the mouse, and the state of the mouse buttons.
HtmlElement Retrieves the type of the requested node.
HtmlElementCollection Represents a collection of HtmlElement objects
HtmlElementStyle Represents the current settings of all possible inline styles for a given element.
HtmlEmbedElement Allows documents of any type to be embedded.
HtmlFontElement User agents must treat acronym elements in a manner equivalent to abbr elements.
HtmlForm Specifies that the contained controls take part in a form.
HtmlFrameElement Specifies an individual frame within a frameSet element.
HtmlFrameSetElement Specifies a frameset, which is used to organize multiple frames and nested framesets.
HtmlGenericCollection<T> Represents a generic collection of HtmlNode objects
HtmlHead Represents the HEAD element of a HTML document
HtmlHeadingElement These elements represent headings for their sections.User agents must treat acronym elements in a manner equivalent to abbr elements.
HtmlHorizontalRule Draws a horizontal rule.
HtmlHtmlElement The html element represents the root of an HTML document.The marquee element is a presentational element that animates content. CSS transitions and animations are a more appropriate mechanism.
HtmlIFrame Creates inline floating frames.
HtmlImage Embeds an image or a video clip in the document.
HtmlInput Creates a variety of form input controls.
HtmlLabelElement The label represents a caption in a user interface. The caption can be associated with a specific form control , known as the labelelement's labeled control , either using for attribute, or by putting the form control inside the label element itself.
HtmlLineBreak Inserts a line break.
HtmlLink Represents a LINK html node
HtmlListItem Represents an HTML list item
HtmlMapElement The map element, in conjunction with any area element descendants, defines an image map . The element represents its children.
HtmlMarqueeElement Creates a scrolling text marquee.
HtmlMetaElement The meta element represents various kinds of metadata that cannot be expressed using the title , base , link , style , and script elements.The marquee element is a presentational element that animates content. CSS transitions and animations are a more appropriate mechanism.
HtmlNode Represents an HtmlNode
HtmlNodeCollection Represents a collection of HtmlNode objects
HtmlNodeCollection<T> Represents a generic collection of HtmlNode objects
HtmlNodeToAppend A phantom class designed to allow collection initializer support in native html elements example: var div = new HtmlDiv { AppendChilds = { new HtmlDiv { InnerText="Hello" } } };
HtmlObjectElement Inserts an object into the HTML page.
HtmlOptGroupElement The optgroup element represents a group of option elements with a common label.
HtmlOption Denotes one choice in a SELECT element.
HtmlOrderedList Represents an ordered list
HtmlParagraph Denotes a paragraph.
HtmlPre Renders text in a fixed-width font.
HtmlQuoteElement The blockquote element represents a section that is quoted from another source.
HtmlScriptElement Specifies a script for the page that is interpreted by a script engine.
HtmlSelect Denotes a list box or drop-down list.
HtmlSelection Represents the active selection, which is a highlighted block of text or other elements in the document that a user or a script can carry out some action on.
HtmlSpan Specifies an inline text container.
HtmlStyleElement Represents a STYLE html node
HtmlStyleSheetPage Represents an @page rule within a styleSheet.
HtmlTable Specifies that the contained content is organized into a table with rows and columns.
HtmlTableBody Designates rows as the body of the table.
HtmlTableCaptionElement The caption element represents the title of the table that is its parent, if it has a parent and that is a table element.User agents must treat acronym elements in a manner equivalent to abbr elements.
HtmlTableCell Specifies a cell in a table.
HtmlTableCol Specifies column-based defaults for the table properties.
HtmlTableColGroup Specifies property defaults for a column or group of columns in a table.
HtmlTableFoot Designates rows as the table's footer.
HtmlTableHead Designates rows as the table's header.
HtmlTableHeadCell Sets how text and other content are vertically aligned within the object that contains them.
HtmlTableRow Specifies a row in a table.
HtmlTextNode Represents a JsString of text as a node in the document hierarchy.
HtmlTextRange Represents text in an HTML element.
HtmlTextRectangle Represents a rectangle, as returned by the method.
HtmlTextRectangleCollection Represents a collection of rectangles, as returned by the method.
HtmlTitle Represents the TITLE element of a HTML document
HtmlUnorderedList Represents an unordered list
HtmlWindowLocation Contains information about the current URL.


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