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HtmlDocumentElement Class

Tag: HTML. Represents the root element of a HTML document.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4


Name Description


Name Description
activeElement Gets the object that has the focus when the parent document has focus.
alinkColor Sets or gets the color of all active links in the document.
charset Sets or retrieves the character set used to encode the object.
compatible Retrieves the collection of user agents and versions declared in the X-UA-Compatible
compatMode Gets a value that indicates whether standards-compliant mode is switched on for the object. Possible values: BackCompat Standards-compliant mode is not switched on. CSS1Compat Standards-compliant mode is switched on.
cookie Sets or gets the JsString value of a cookie. specifies or receives the name=value; pairs, plus any of the values listed in Possible Values. Possible Values: expires=date; If you set no expiration date on a cookie, it expires when the browser closes. If you set an expiration date, the cookie is saved across browser sessions. If you set an expiration date in the past, the cookie is deleted. Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) format to specify the date. domain=domainname; If you set the domain of the cookie, pages on a domain made up of more than one server can share cookie information. path=path; If you set a path for the cookie, the current document can share cookie information with other pages within the same domain—that is, if the path is set to /thispathname, all pages in /thispathname and all pages in subfolders of /thispathname can access the same cookie information. secure; If you set a cookie as secure;, the stored cookie information can be accessed only from Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS).
defaultCharset Gets the default character set from the current regional language settings.
designMode Sets or gets a value that indicates whether the document can be edited. Possible Values: On Document can be edited. Off | Inherit Default. Document cannot be edited.
doctype Gets the document type declaration associated with the current document. Possible values: ltr Default. Content flows from left to right. rtl Content flows from right to left.
documentElement Gets a reference to the root node of the document.
documentMode Retrieves the document compatibility mode of the document. Possible values: 5 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 mode (also known as "quirks mode"). 7 Internet Explorer 7 Standards mode. 8 Internet Explorer 8 Standards mode.
domain Sets or gets the security domain of the document.
expando Sets or retrieves a value indicating whether arbitrary variables can be created within the object. Possible values: true Default. Creation of arbitrary variables is allowed. false Creation of arbitrary variables is not allowed.
fgColor Sets or gets the foreground (text) color of the document.
fileCreatedDate Retrieves the date the file was created.
fileModifiedDate Retrieves the date the file was last modified.
fileSize Retrieves the file size.
fileUpdatedDate Retrieves the date the file was last updated.
implementation Gets the implementation object of the current document.
lastModified Gets the date that the page was last modified, if the page supplies one.
linkColor Sets or gets the color of the document links.
media Sets or retrieves the media type. Possible Values: screen Output is intended for computer screens. print Output is intended for printed material and for on-screen documents viewed in Print Preview mode. all Default. Applies to all devices.
nameProp Retrieves the file name specified in the href or src property of the object.
parentWindow Gets a reference to the container object of the window.
protocol Sets or retrieves the protocol portion of a URL.
readyState Retrieves a value that indicates the current state of the object. Possible Values: uninitialized Object is not initialized with data. loading Object is loading its data. loaded Object has finished loading its data. interactive User can interact with the object even though it is not fully loaded. complete Object is completely initialized.
referrer Gets the URL of the location that referred the user to the current page.
URL Sets or gets the URL for the current document.
URLUnencoded Gets the URL for the document, stripped of any character encoding.
vLinkColor Sets or gets the color of the links that the user has visited.
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