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HtmlElementStyle.font Property

Sets or retrieves a combination of separate font properties of the object. Alternatively, sets or retrieves one or more of six user-preference fonts. String that specifies or receives up to six of the following space-delimited property values. Alternatively, sets or retrieves the six listed text fonts. font-style Any of the range of font-style values available to the fontStyle property. font-variant Any of the range of font-variant values available to the fontVariant property. font-weight Any of the range of font-weight values available to the fontWeight property. font-size Any of the range of font-size values available to the fontSize property. When this value is an integer followed by a percent (%), the value is a percentage of the parent object's font size. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, a percentage value is calculated as a percentage of the default font size. line-height Any of the range of line-height values available to the lineHeight property. When used with the font property, this attribute must include a slash (/) before the value. Line height percentage values are calculated as a percentage of the font size of the element itself, not of the parent. font-family Any of the range of font-family values available to the fontFamily property. This property can be set to multiple comma-separated values. Its default value depends on user settings. caption User-preference font used in objects that have captions—buttons, labels, and so on. icon User-preference font used in icon labels. menu User-preference font used in menus. message-box User-preference font used in dialog boxes. small-caption User-preference font used in small controls. status-bar User-preference font used in window status bars.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4

Class: HtmlElementStyle


public JsString font { get; set; }

Return Value

Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsString
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