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HtmlForm Class

Specifies that the contained controls take part in a form.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4


Name Description


Name Description
acceptCharset Sets or retrieves a list of character encodings for input data that must be accepted by the server processing the form.
action Sets or retrieves the URL to which the form content is sent for processing.
length Sets or retrieves the number of objects in a collection.
method Sets or retrieves how to send the form data to the server. Receives one of the following values:
  • GET Append the arguments to the action URL and open it as if it were an anchor.
  • POST Send the data through an HTTP post transaction.
target Sets or retrieves the window or frame at which to target content.


Name Description
onreset Fires when the user resets a form.
onsubmit Fires when a FORM is about to be submitted.


Name Description
submit() Submits the form.
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