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HtmlIFrame Class

Creates inline floating frames.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4


Name Description


Name Description
align Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the table alignment.
allowTransparency Sets or retrieves whether the object can be transparent.
border Sets or retrieves the space between the frames, including the 3-D border.
contentWindow Retrieves the window object of the specified frame or iframe.
dataFld Sets or retrieves a field of a given data source, as specified by the dataSrc property, to bind to the specified object.
dataSrc Sets or retrieves the source of the data for data binding.
frameBorder Sets or retrieves whether to display a border for the frame. Possible values: 1 Default. Inset border is drawn. 0 No border is drawn. no No border is drawn. yes Inset border is drawn.
frameSpacing Sets or retrieves the amount of additional space between the frames.
height Sets or retrieves the height of the object.
hspace Sets or retrieves the horizontal margin for the object.
longDesc Sets or retrieves a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to a long description of the object.
marginHeight Sets or retrieves the top and bottom margin heights before displaying the text in a frame.
marginWidth Sets or retrieves the left and right margin widths before displaying the text in a frame.
name Sets or retrieves the frame name.
noResize Sets or retrieves whether the user can resize the frame.
scrolling Sets or retrieves whether the frame can be scrolled.
src Sets or retrieves a URL to be loaded by the object.
vspace Sets or retrieves the vertical margin for the object.
width Sets or retrieves the width of the object.


Name Description
onload Fires immediately after the browser loads the object.
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