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HtmlImage Class

Embeds an image or a video clip in the document.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4


Name Description


Name Description
align Sets or retrieves how the object is aligned with adjacent text.
alt Sets or retrieves a text alternative to the graphic.
border Sets the properties to draw around the object.
complete Retrieves whether the object is fully loaded.
fileCreatedDate Retrieves the date the file was created.
fileModifiedDate Retrieves the date the file was last modified.
fileSize Retrieves the file size.
fileUpdatedDate Retrieves the date the file was last updated.
height Sets the height of the object.
href Sets or retrieves a destination URL or an anchor point.
hspace Sets the horizontal margin for the object.
isMap Sets or retrieves whether the image is a server-side image map.
longDesc Sets or retrieves a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to a long description of the object.
loop Sets or retrieves the number of times a sound or video clip will loop when activated.
lowsrc Sets or retrieves a lower resolution image to display.
nameProp Retrieves the file name specified in the href or src property of the object.
protocol Sets or retrieves the protocol portion of a URL.
src Sets a URL to be loaded by the object.
start Sets or retrieves when a video clip file should begin playing.
usemap Sets the URL, often with a bookmark extension (#name), to use as a client-side image map.
vrml Sets or retrieves the URL of the virtual reality modeling language (VRML) world to be displayed in the window.
vspace Sets the vertical margin for the object.
width Sets the width of the object.


Name Description


Name Description
onabort Fires when the user aborts the download of an image.
onerror Fires when an error occurs during object loading.
onload Fires immediately after the browser loads the object.
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