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HtmlInput Class

Creates a variety of form input controls.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4


Name Description


Name Description
accept Sets or retrieves a comma-separated list of content types.
align Sets or retrieves how the object is aligned with adjacent text.
alt Sets or retrieves a text alternative to the graphic.
checked Sets or retrieves the state of the check box or radio button.
complete Retrieves whether the object is fully loaded.
defaultChecked Sets or retrieves the state of the check box or radio button.
defaultValue Sets or retrieves the initial contents of the object.
form Retrieves a reference to the form that the object is embedded in.
hspace Sets or retrieves the horizontal margin for the object.
loop Sets or retrieves the number of times a sound or video clip will loop when activated.
lowsrc Sets or retrieves a lower resolution image to display.
maxLength Sets or retrieves the maximum number of characters that the user can enter in a text control.
name Sets or retrieves the name of the object.
readOnly Sets or retrieves the value indicated whether the content of the object is read-only.
size Sets or retrieves the size of the control.
src Sets or retrieves a URL to be loaded by the object.
start Sets or retrieves when a video clip file should begin playing.
status Sets or retrieves the value indicating whether the control is selected. Possible values: false Default. Control is not selected. true Control is selected. null Control is not initialized.
type Retrieves or initially sets the type of input control represented by the object.
useMap Sets or retrieves the URL, often with a bookmark extension (#name), to use as a client-side image map.
value Retrieves the file name of the input object after the text is set by user input.
vspace Sets or retrieves the vertical margin for the object.
width Sets or retrieves the calculated width of the object.


Name Description
createTextRange() Creates a TextRange object for the element. Use a text range to examine and modify the text within an object.
select() Highlights the input area of a form element.


Name Description
onabort Fires when the user aborts the download of an image.
onchange Fires when the contents of the object or selection have changed.
onerror Fires when an error occurs during object loading.
onload Fires immediately after the browser loads the object.
onselect Fires when the current selection changes.
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