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HtmlNode Class

Represents an HtmlNode

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
compareDocumentPosition(HtmlNode) Compares the position of the current node against another node in any other document.
hasChildNodes() Returns a value that indicates whether the object has children.
replaceChild(HtmlNode, HtmlNode) Replaces an existing child element with a new child element.


Name Description
nextSibling Retrieves a reference to the next child of the parent for the object.
nodeName Retrieves the name of a particular type of node.
nodeValue Sets or retrieves the value of a node.
ownerDocument Retrieves the document object associated with the node.
parentNode Retrieves the parent object in the document hierarchy.
previousSibling Retrieves a reference to the previous child of the parent for the object.
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