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HtmlScriptElement Class

Specifies a script for the page that is interpreted by a script engine.

Namespace: SharpKit.Html4


Name Description


Name Description
charset Sets or retrieves the character set used to encode the object.
defer Sets or retrieves the status of the script. Possible values: false Default. Inline executable function is not deferred. true Inline executable function is deferred.
event Sets or retrieves the event for which the script is written.
htmlFor Sets or retrieves the object that is bound to the event script.
src Retrieves the URL to an external file that contains the source code or data.
text Retrieves or sets the text of the object as a JsString.
type Sets or retrieves the MIME type for the associated scripting engine.


Name Description
onerror Fires when an error occurs during object loading.
onload Fires immediately after the browser loads the object.
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