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JsDate.UTC Method (JsNumber, JsNumber, JsNumber, JsNumber)

Returns the number of milliseconds between midnight, January 1, 1970 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) (or GMT) and the supplied date.

Namespace: SharpKit.JavaScript

Class: JsDate


public static JsString UTC(JsNumber year, JsNumber month, JsNumber day, JsNumber hours)


Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsNumber
The full year designation is required for cross-century date accuracy. If year is between 0 and 99 is used, then year is assumed to be 1900 + year.
Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsNumber
The month as an integer between 0 and 11 (January to December).
Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsNumber
The date as an integer between 1 and 31.
Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsNumber
An integer from 0 to 23 (midnight to 11pm) that specifies the hour.

Return Value

Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsString
The number of milliseconds between midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC and the supplied date. This return value can be used in the setTime method and in the Date object constructor. If the value of an argument is greater than its range, or is a negative number, other stored values are modified accordingly. For example, if you specify 150 seconds, JScript redefines that number as two minutes and 30 seconds.
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