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JsExtensions Class

Provides extension methods for C# to JavaScript

Namespace: SharpKit.JavaScript

Base Types



Name Description
As<T>(object) Allows converting an object to a different type without affecting the generated javascript code.
AsJsObject<T>(IDictionary<string, T>)
AsJsString(string) Invisibly converts the string reference to JsString on order to use native javascript string functions
ExactEquals(object, object) A C# extension for '===' operator
ExactNotEquals(object, object) A C# extension for '!==' operator
in(string, object) Tests for the existence of a property in an object.
instanceof(object, JsFunction)
instanceof<T>(object) Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether or not an object is an instance of a particular class or constructed function. This is a JavaScript operator, it is implemented in C# as an extension method.
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