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JsMode Enum

Specifies the export and interoperability mode of a C# type in JavaScript

Namespace: SharpKit.JavaScript

Base Types


Base Interfaces



Name Description
Clr Specifies a .NET style class, in which all C# elements are supported, this mode requires JsClr library to be included on the client at runtime.
Global Specifies a global function export mode, in which only static members are allowed, static methods become global functions static fields become global variables static constrctor becomes global code
Json Specifies an invisible unexported json type, this class will not be exported, instantiation and usage of classes in this mode, will be exported to simple json elements.
Prototype Specifies a prototype object export mode, in which a single constructor is allowed, and both static and instance members. constructor becomes a constructor function instance members become the equivalent members on the constructor function's prototype. static members become members on the constructor function itself.
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