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JsRegExp Class

An object that contains a regular expression pattern along with flags that identify how to apply the pattern. re = /pattern/[flags] re = new RegExp("pattern"[,"flags"])

Namespace: SharpKit.JavaScript

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Name Description
exec(JsString) If the exec method does not find a match, it returns null. If it finds a match, exec returns an array, and the properties of the global RegExp object are updated to reflect the results of the match. Element zero of the array contains the entire match, while elements 1 – n contain any submatches that have occurred within the match. This behavior is identical to the behavior of the match method without the global flag (g) set. If the global flag is set for a regular expression, exec searches the JsString beginning at the position indicated by the value of lastIndex. If the global flag is not set, exec ignores the value of lastIndex and searches from the beginning of the JsString.
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