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JsString.lastIndexOf Method (JsString, JsNumber)

Returns the last occurrence of a substring within a String object.

Namespace: SharpKit.JavaScript

Class: JsString


public JsNumber lastIndexOf(JsString substring, JsNumber startindex)


Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsString
The substring to search for within the String object.
Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsNumber
Integer value specifying the index to begin searching within the String object. If omitted, searching begins at the end of the string.

Return Value

Type: SharpKit.JavaScript.JsNumber
an integer value indicating the beginning of the substring within the String object. If the substring is not found, a -1 is returned. If startindex is negative, startindex is treated as zero. If it is larger than the greatest character position index, it is treated as the largest possible index.
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