KnockoutUtils Class

Provide access to utilities methods of the KnockoutJS

Namespace: SharpKit.KnockoutJs

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
arrayFilter(JsArray, JsFunc<T, TResult>) Filters values from the using .
arrayFilter<T>(JsArray<T>, JsFunc<T, TResult>)
arrayFirst(JsArray, JsFunc<T, TResult>, object) Finds first element in the that matches the .
arrayFirst<T>(JsArray<T>, JsFunc<T, TResult>, object)
arrayForEach(JsArray, JsAction<T>) Iterates and invokes the over each item in .
arrayForEach<T>(JsArray<T>, JsAction<T>)
arrayGetDistinctValues(JsArray) Create a new array with distinct values of the .
arrayIndexOf(JsArray, object) Finds index of the in the .
arrayIndexOf<T>(JsArray<T>, T)
arrayMap(JsArray, JsFunc<T, TResult>) Maps each value of the to new value of new array using function.
arrayMap<T, R>(JsArray<T>, JsFunc<T, TResult>)
arrayPushAll(JsArray, JsArray) Pushes values from the to the .
arrayPushAll<T>(JsArray<T>, JsArray<T>)
arrayRemoveItem(JsArray, object) Removes the from the .
arrayRemoveItem<T>(JsArray<T>, T)
extend<TObject>(TObject, object)
parseJson(JsString) Parses the string as JSON-encoded format.
parseJson<T>(JsString) Parses the string as JSON-encoded format.
stringifyJson(object) Convert the object to JSON-encoded string.
unwrapObservable<T>(object) If the provided value is an observable, return its value, otherwise just pass it through.
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