ApplicationConfig Class


Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
appFolder The path to the directory which contains all application's classes. This path will be registered via {@link Ext.Loader#setPath} for the namespace specified in the {@link #name name} config. Defaults to 'app'
autoCreateViewport True to automatically load and instantiate AppName.view.Viewport before firing the launch function (defaults to false).
defaultUrl When the app is first loaded, this url will be redirected to. Defaults to undefined
enableQuickTips True to automatically set up Ext.tip.QuickTip support (defaults to true)
name The name of your application. This will also be the namespace for your views, controllers models and stores. Don't use spaces or special characters in the name.
scope The scope to execute the {@link #launch} function in. Defaults to the Application instance.
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