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Name Description


Name Description
api The same as {@link}, however instead of providing urls, you should provide a direct function call.
directFn Function to call when executing a request. directFn is a simple alternative to defining the api configuration-parameter for Store's which will not implement a full CRUD api.
extraParams Extra parameters that will be included on every read request. Individual requests with params of the same name will override these params when they are in conflict.
paramOrder Defaults to undefined. A list of params to be executed server side. Specify the params in the order in which they must be executed on the server-side as either (1) an Array of String values, or (2) a String of params delimited by either whitespace, comma, or pipe. For example, any of the following would be acceptable: * paramOrder: ['param1','param2','param3'] paramOrder: 'param1 param2 param3' paramOrder: 'param1,param2,param3' paramOrder: 'param1|param2|param'
paramsAsHash Send parameters as a collection of named arguments (defaults to true). Providing a {@link #paramOrder} nullifies this configuration.
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