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Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
batchActions True to batch actions of a particular type when synchronizing the store. Defaults to true.
batchOrder Comma-separated ordering 'create', 'update' and 'destroy' actions when batching. Override this to set a different order for the batched CRUD actions to be executed in. Defaults to 'create,update,destroy'.
defaultReaderType The default registered reader type. Defaults to 'json'. @private
defaultWriterType The default registered writer type. Defaults to 'json'. @private
model The name of the Model to tie to this Proxy. Can be either the string name of the Model, or a reference to the Model constructor. Required.
reader The to use to decode the server's response or data read from client. This can either be a Reader instance, a config object or just a valid Reader type name (e.g. 'json', 'xml').
writer The to use to encode any request sent to the server or saved to client. This can either be a Writer instance, a config object or just a valid Writer type name (e.g. 'json', 'xml').
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