JsonConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.data.writer

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Name Description


Name Description
allowSingle False to ensure that records are always wrapped in an array, even if there is only one record being sent. When there is more than one record, they will always be encoded into an array. Defaults to true. Example:
// with allowSingle: true
"root": {
"first": "Mark",
"last": "Corrigan"
// with allowSingle: false
"root": [{
"first": "Mark",
"last": "Corrigan"
encode True to use Ext.encode() on the data before sending. Defaults to false. The encode option should only be set to true when a {@link #root} is defined, because the values will be sent as part of the request parameters as opposed to a raw post. The root will be the name of the parameter sent to the server.
root The key under which the records in this Writer will be placed. Defaults to undefined. Example generated request, using root: 'records':
{'records': [{name: 'my record'}, {name: 'another record'}]}
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