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Namespace: Ext.data.writer

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Name Description
Writer(object) Creates new Writer. @param {Object} config (optional) Config object.


Name Description
alias @author Ed Spencer @class Ext.data.writer.Writer @extends Object

Base Writer class used by most subclasses of {@link Ext.data.proxy.Server}. This class is responsible for taking a set of {@link Ext.data.Operation} objects and a {@link Ext.data.Request} object and modifying that request based on the Operations.

For example a Ext.data.writer.Json would format the Operations and their {@link Ext.data.Model} instances based on the config options passed to the JsonWriter's constructor.

Writers are not needed for any kind of local storage - whether via a {@link Ext.data.proxy.WebStorage Web Storage proxy} (see {@link Ext.data.proxy.LocalStorage localStorage} and {@link Ext.data.proxy.SessionStorage sessionStorage}) or just in memory via a {@link Ext.data.proxy.Memory MemoryProxy}.

nameProperty @cfg {String} nameProperty This property is used to read the key for each value that will be sent to the server. For example:
Ext.define('Person', {
extend: 'Ext.data.Model',
fields: [{
name: 'first',
mapping: 'firstName'
}, {
name: 'last',
mapping: 'lastName'
}, {
name: 'age'
new Ext.data.writer.Writer({
writeAllFields: true,
nameProperty: 'mapping'
// This will be sent to the server
firstName: 'first name value',
lastName: 'last name value',
age: 1
Defaults to name. If the value is not present, the field name will always be used.
writeAllFields @cfg {Boolean} writeAllFields True to write all fields from the record to the server. If set to false it will only send the fields that were modified. Defaults to true. Note that any fields that have {@link Ext.data.Field#persist} set to false will still be ignored.


Name Description
getRecordData(object) Formats the data for each record before sending it to the server. This method should be overridden to format the data in a way that differs from the default. @param {Object} record The record that we are writing to the server. @return {Object} An object literal of name/value keys to be written to the server. By default this method returns the data property on the record.
write(Request) Prepares a Proxy's Ext.data.Request object @param {Ext.data.Request} request The request object @return {Ext.data.Request} The modified request object
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