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AbstractStoreConfig Class


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Name Description
autoLoad If data is not specified, and if autoLoad is true or an Object, this store's load method is automatically called after creation. If the value of autoLoad is an Object, this Object will be passed to the store's load method. Defaults to false.
autoSync True to automatically sync the Store with its Proxy after every edit to one of its Records. Defaults to false.
fields This may be used in place of specifying a {@link #model} configuration. The fields should be a set of {@link} configuration objects. The store will automatically create a {@link} with these fields. In general this configuration option should be avoided, it exists for the purposes of backwards compatibility. For anything more complicated, such as specifying a particular id property or associations, a {@link} should be defined and specified for the {@link #model} config.
model Name of the {@link Model} associated with this store. The string is used as an argument for {@link Ext.ModelManager#getModel}.
proxy The Proxy to use for this Store. This can be either a string, a config object or a Proxy instance - see {@link #setProxy} for details.
storeId Unique identifier for this store. If present, this Store will be registered with the {@link}, making it easy to reuse elsewhere. Defaults to undefined.
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