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Batch Class


Base Types



Name Description
Batch(object) Creates new Batch object. @param {Object} config (optional) Config object


Name Description
add(object) Adds a new operation to this batch @param {Object} operation The {@link Operation} object
pause() Pauses execution of the batch, but does not cancel the current operation
runNextOperation() @private Runs the next operation, relative to this.current.
runOperation(JsNumber) Executes a operation by its numeric index @param {Number} index The operation index to run
start() Kicks off the execution of the batch, continuing from the next operation if the previous operation encountered an exception, or if execution was paused


Name Description
autoStart True to immediately start processing the batch as soon as it is constructed (defaults to false) @property autoStart @type Boolean
hasException True if this batch has encountered an exception. This is cleared at the start of each operation @property hasException @type Boolean
isComplete True if this batch has been executed completely @property isComplete @type Boolean
isRunning True if the batch is currently running @property isRunning @type Boolean
pauseOnException True to automatically pause the execution of the batch if any operation encounters an exception (defaults to true) @property pauseOnException @type Boolean
total The total number of operations in this batch. Read only @property total @type Number
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