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Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
buffered Allow the store to buffer and pre-fetch pages of records. This is to be used in conjunction with a view will tell the store to pre-fetch records ahead of a time.
clearOnPageLoad True to empty the store when loading another page via {@link #loadPage}, {@link #nextPage} or {@link #previousPage} (defaults to true). Setting to false keeps existing records, allowing large data sets to be loaded one page at a time but rendered all together.
data Optional array of Model instances or data objects to load locally. See "Inline data" above for details.
pageSize The number of records considered to form a 'page'. This is used to power the built-in paging using the nextPage and previousPage functions. Defaults to 25.
proxy The Proxy to use for this Store. This can be either a string, a config object or a Proxy instance - see {@link #setProxy} for details.
remoteFilter True to defer any filtering operation to the server. If false, filtering is done locally on the client. Defaults to false.
remoteGroup True if the grouping should apply on the server side, false if it is local only (defaults to false). If the grouping is local, it can be applied immediately to the data. If it is remote, then it will simply act as a helper, automatically sending the grouping information to the server.
remoteSort True to defer any sorting operation to the server. If false, sorting is done locally on the client. Defaults to false.
sortOnFilter For local filtering only, causes {@link #sort} to be called whenever {@link #filter} is called, causing the sorters to be reapplied after filtering. Defaults to true
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