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DataViewConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.dataview

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
deselectOnContainerClick When set to true, tapping on the DataView's background (i.e. not on an item in the DataView) will deselect any currently selected items. @accessor
itemTpl The tpl to use for each of the items displayed in this DataView.
loadingText A string to display during data load operations (defaults to 'Loading...'). If specified, this text will be displayed in a loading div and the view's contents will be cleared while loading, otherwise the view's contents will continue to display normally until the new data is loaded and the contents are replaced.
pressedCls The CSS class to apply to an item on the view while it is being pressed. @accessor
pressedDelay The amount of delay between the tapstart and the moment we add the pressedCls. Settings this to true defaults to 100ms. @accessor
selectedCls The CSS class to apply to an item on the view while it is selected. @accessor
store Can be either a Store instance or a configuration object that will be turned into a Store. The Store is used to populate the set of items that will be rendered in the DataView. See the DataView intro documentation for more information about the relationship between Store and DataView. @accessor
triggerCtEvent Determines what type of touch event is recognized as a touch on the container. Valid options are 'tap' and 'singletap'. @accessor
triggerEvent Determines what type of touch event causes an item to be selected. Valid options are 'tap' and 'singletap'. @accessor
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