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ListConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.dataview

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
clearSelectionOnDeactivate True to clear any selections on the list when the list is deactivated (defaults to true). @accessor
indexBar True to render an alphabet IndexBar docked on the right. This can also be a config object that will be passed to {@link Ext.IndexBar} (defaults to false) @accessor
onItemDisclosure True to display a disclosure icon on each list item. This won't bind a listener to the tap event. The list will still fire the disclose event though. By setting this config to a function, it will automatically add a tap event listeners to the disclosure buttons which will fire your function. Finally you can specify an object with a 'scope' and 'handler' property defined. This will also be bound to the tap event listener and is useful when you want to change the scope of the handler. @accessor
pinHeaders Whether or not to pin headers on top of item groups while scrolling for an iPhone native list experience. Defaults to false on Android and Blackberry (for performance reasons) Defaults to true on other devices. @accessor
preventSelectionOnDisclose True to prevent the item selection when the user taps a disclose icon. Defaults to true @accessor
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