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NestedListConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.dataview

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
allowDeselect Set to true to alow the user to deselect leaf items via interaction. Defaults to false. @accessor
backButton The configuration for the back button used in the nested list @private
backText The label to display for the back button. Defaults to "Back". @accessor
cardSwitchAnimation Animation to be used during transitions of cards. Any valid value from Ext.anims can be used ('fade', 'slide', 'flip', 'cube', 'pop', 'wipe'). This animation will be automatically reversed when navigating to a previous card in the nested list. Defaults to 'slide'. @accessor
data The initial set of data to be used to display content in this nested list.
detailCard to provide a final card for leaf nodes. @accessor
detailContainer The container of the detailCard. @accessor
displayField Display field to use when setting item text and title. This configuration is ignored when overriding getItemTextTpl or getTitleTextTpl for the item text or title. (Defaults to 'text') @accessor
emptyText Empty text to display when a subtree is empty. @accessor
layout @hide @accessor
loadingText Loading text to display when a subtree is loading. @accessor
onItemDisclosure Maps to the Ext.List onItemDisclosure configuration for individual lists. (Defaults to false) @accessor
store The tree store to be used for this nested list.
title The title of the toolbar @accessor
updateTitleText Update the title with the currently selected category. Defaults to true. @accessor
useTitleAsBackText @accessor
useToolbar True to show the header toolbar. @accessor
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