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Manager() End Definitions


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addProvider(object) Adds an Ext.Direct Provider and creates the proxy or stub methods to execute server-side methods. If the provider is not already connected, it will auto-connect. * var pollProv = new{ url: 'php/poll2.php' }); *{ "type":"remoting", // create a {@link} "url":"php\/router.php", // url to connect to the Ext.Direct server-side router. "actions":{ // each property within the actions object represents a Class "TestAction":[ // array of methods within each server side Class { "name":"doEcho", // name of method "len":1 },{ "name":"multiply", "len":1 },{ "name":"doForm", "formHandler":true, // handle form on server with Ext.Direct.Transaction "len":1 }] }, "namespace":"myApplication",// namespace to create the Remoting Provider in },{ type: 'polling', // create a {@link} url: 'php/poll.php' }, pollProv); // reference to previously created instance * @param {} provider Accepts any number of Provider descriptions (an instance or config object for a Provider). Each Provider description instructs Ext.Directhow to create client-side stub methods.
addTransaction(Transaction) Adds a transaction to the manager. @private @param {} transaction The transaction to add @return {} transaction
getProvider(object) Retrieves a {@link provider} by the **{@link id}** specified when the provider is {@link #addProvider added}. @param {String/} id The id of the provider, or the provider instance.
getTransaction(object) Gets a transaction @private @param {String/} transaction The transaction/id of transaction to get @return {}
onProviderData(object, object)
removeProvider(object) Removes the provider. @param {String/} provider The provider instance or the id of the provider. @return {} The provider, null if not found.
removeTransaction(object) Removes a transaction from the manager. @private @param {String/} transaction The transaction/id of transaction to remove @return {} transaction


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singleton Begin Definitions
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