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RemotingProvider Class


Base Types



Name Description
RemotingProvider(object) @cfg {Number} timeout The timeout to use for each request. Defaults to undefined.


Name Description
alias Begin Definitions
maxRetries @cfg {Number} maxRetries Number of times to re-attempt delivery on failure of a call. Defaults to 1.


Name Description
combineAndSend() Combine any buffered requests and send them off @private
configureFormRequest(JsString, object, HtmlElement, JsAction, object) Configure a form submission request @private @param {String} action The action being executed @param {Object} method The method being executed @param {HTMLElement} form The form being submitted @param {Function} callback (optional) A callback to run after the form submits @param {Object} scope (optional) A scope to execute the callback in
configureRequest(JsString, object, object) Configure a direct request @private @param {String} action The action being executed @param {Object} method The being executed
createHandler(JsString, object) Create a handler function for a direct call. @private @param {String} action The action the call is for @param {Object} method The details of the method @return {Function} A JS function that will kick off the call
getCallData(Transaction) Gets the Ajax call info for a transaction @private @param {} transaction The transaction @return {Object} The call params
getTransaction(object) Get transaction from XHR options @private @param {Object} options The options sent to the Ajax request @return {} The transaction, null if not found
initAPI() Initialize the API @private
onData(object, object, object) React to the ajax request being completed @private
queueTransaction(Transaction) Add a new transaction to the queue @private @param {} transaction The transaction
runCallback(Transaction, Event) Run any callbacks related to the transaction. @private @param {} transaction The transaction @param {} event The event
sendFormRequest(Transaction) Sends a form request @private @param {} transaction The transaction to send
sendRequest(object) Sends a request to the server @private @param {Object/Array} data The data to send
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