AbstractQuery Class

Namespace: Ext.dom

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
is(object, JsString) Returns true if the passed element(s) match the passed simple selector (e.g. div.some-class or span:first-child) @param {String/HTMLElement/Array} el An element id, element or array of elements @param {String} selector The simple selector to test @return {Boolean}
select(JsString, object) Selects a group of elements. @param {String} selector The selector/xpath query (can be a comma separated list of selectors) @param {HTMLElement/String} [root] The start of the query (defaults to document). @return {HTMLElement[]} An Array of DOM elements which match the selector. If there are no matches, and empty Array is returned.
selectNode(JsString, object) Selects a single element. @param {String} selector The selector/xpath query @param {HTMLElement/String} [root] The start of the query (defaults to document). @return {HTMLElement} The DOM element which matched the selector.
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