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DatePickerConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.field

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
destroyPickerOnHide Whether or not to destroy the picker widget on hide. This save memory if it's not used frequently, but increase delay time on the next show due to re-instantiation. Defaults to false @accessor
picker An object that is used when creating the internal {@link Ext.picker.Date} component or a direct instance of {@link Ext.picker.Date} Defaults to true @accessor
tabIndex @hide @accessor
value Default value for the field and the internal {@link Ext.picker.Date} component. Accepts an object of 'year', 'month' and 'day' values, all of which should be numbers, or a {@link Date}. * Example: {year: 1989, day: 1, month: 5} = 1st May 1989 or new Date() @accessor
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