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FieldConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.field

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
clearIcon True to use a clear icon in this field @accessor
input An instance of the inner input for this field, if one has been defined. @accessor
inputType The type attribute for input fields -- e.g. radio, text, password, file (defaults to 'text'). The types 'file' and 'password' must be used to render those field types currently -- there are no separate Ext components for those. This is now deprecated. Please use 'input.type' instead. @deprecated 2.0 @accessor
label The label to associate with this field. @accessor
labelAlign The position to render the label relative to the field input. Defaults to 'left'. See {@link Ext.form.Label} for more information @accessor
labelCls Optional CSS class to add to the Label element @accessor
labelWidth The width to make this field's label (defaults to 30%). See {@link Ext.form.Label} for more information @accessor
name The field's HTML name attribute. Note: this property must be set if this field is to be automatically included with {@link Ext.form.Panel#submit form submit()}. @accessor
required True to make this field required. Note: this only causes a visual indication. Doesn't prevent user from submitting the form. @accessor
requiredCls The className to be applied to this Field when the {@link #required} configuration is set to true @accessor
tabIndex The tabIndex for this field. Note this only applies to fields that are rendered, not those which are built via applyTo. @accessor
useClearIcon True to use a clear icon in this field @accessor
value A value to initialize this field with. @accessor
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