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InputConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.field

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
autoCapitalize @accessor
autoComplete @accessor
autoCorrect @accessor
checked true if the checkbox should render initially checked (defaults to false) @accessor
disabled True to disable the field (defaults to false).

Be aware that conformant with the HTML specification, disabled Fields will not be {@link Ext.form.Panel#submit submitted}.

focusCls The CSS class to use when the field receives focus @accessor
inputCls The className to be applied to this input @accessor
maxLength The maximum number of permitted input characters (defaults to 0). @accessor
maxValue The maximum value that this Number field can accept (defaults to undefined, e.g. no maximum) @accessor
minValue The minimum value that this Number field can accept (defaults to undefined, e.g. no minimium) @accessor
name The field's HTML name attribute Note: this property must be set if this field is to be automatically included with {@link Ext.form.Panel#submit form submit()}. @accessor
originalValue The original value when the input is rendered @private
placeHolder A string value displayed in the input (if supported) when the control is empty. @accessor
startValue @accessor
stepValue The amount by which the field is incremented or decremented each time the spinner is tapped. Defaults to undefined, which means that the field goes up or down by 1 each time the spinner is tapped @accessor
tabIndex The tabIndex for this field. Note this only applies to fields that are rendered, not those which are built via applyTo (defaults to undefined). @accessor
tag The el tag @accessor
type The type attribute for input fields -- e.g. radio, text, password, file (defaults to 'text'). The types 'file' and 'password' must be used to render those field types currently -- there are no separate Ext components for those. @accessor
useMask @private @accessor
value A value to initialize this field with (defaults to undefined). @accessor
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