PanelConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.form

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
baseParams Optional hash of params to be sent (when standardSubmit configuration is false) on every submit. @accessor
maskTarget The target where the form mask will be shown.
record The model instance of this form. Can by dynamically set at any time @accessor
standardSubmit Wether or not we want to perform a standard form submit. @accessor
submitOnAction When this is set to true, the form will automatically submit itself whenever the 'action' event fires on a field in this form. The action event usually fires whenever you press go or enter inside a textfield. @accessor
url The default Url for submit actions @accessor
waitTpl The defined waitMsg template. Used for precise control over the masking agent used to mask the FormPanel (or other Element) during form Ajax/submission actions. For more options, see {@link #showMask} method. @accessor
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