DateConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.picker

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
dayText The label to show for the day column. @accessor
monthText The label to show for the month column. @accessor
slotOrder An array of strings that specifies the order of the slots. @accessor
useTitles Generate a title header for each individual slot and use the title configuration of the slot. @accessor
value Default value for the field and the internal {@link Ext.picker.Date} component. Accepts an object of 'year', 'month' and 'day' values, all of which should be numbers, or a {@link Date}. * Examples: {year: 1989, day: 1, month: 5} = 1st May 1989. new Date() = current date @accessor
yearFrom The start year for the date picker. @accessor
yearText The label to show for the year column. @accessor
yearTo The last year for the date picker. @default the current year (new Date().getFullYear()) @accessor
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