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Droppable Class

Namespace: Ext.util

Base Types



Name Description
Droppable(object, object) Creates new Droppable. @param {Mixed} el String, HtmlElement or Ext.Element representing an element on the page. @param {Object} config Configuration options for this class.


Name Description
disable() Disable the Droppable target.
enable() Enable the Droppable target. This is invoked immediately after constructing a Droppable if the disabled parameter is NOT set to true.
isDisabled() Method to determine whether this Component is currently disabled. @return {Boolean} the disabled state of this Component.
isDragOver(object, object)
isMonitoring() Method to determine whether this Droppable is currently monitoring drag operations of Draggables. @return {Boolean} the monitoring state of this Droppable
onBeforeDragEnd(object, object)
onDrag(object, object)
onDragEnd(object, object)
onDragStart(object, object)
setCanDrop(object, object, object)


Name Description
disabled @cfg {Boolean} disabled
group @cfg {String} group Draggable and Droppable objects can participate in a group which are capable of interacting.
validDropMode @cfg {String} validDropMode Determines when a drop is considered 'valid' whether it simply need to intersect the region or if it needs to be contained within the region. Valid values are: 'intersects' or 'contains'
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