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Filter Class

Namespace: Ext.util

Base Types



Name Description
Filter(object) Creates new Filter. @param {Object} config Config object


Name Description
anyMatch @cfg {Boolean} anyMatch True to allow any match - no regex start/end line anchors will be added.
caseSensitive @cfg {Boolean} caseSensitive True to make the regex case sensitive (adds 'i' switch to regex).
exactMatch @cfg {Boolean} exactMatch True to force exact match (^ and $ characters added to the regex). Ignored if anyMatch is true.


Name Description
createFilterFn() @private Creates a filter function for the configured property/value/anyMatch/caseSensitive options for this Filter
createValueMatcher() @private Returns a regular expression based on the given value and matching options
getRoot(object) @private Returns the root property of the given item, based on the configured {@link #root} property @param {Object} item The item @return {Object} The root property of the object
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