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GeoLocationConfig Class

Namespace: Ext.util

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Name Description


Name Description
allowHighAccuracy When set to true, provide a hint that the application would like to receive the best possible results. This may result in slower response times or increased power consumption. The user might also deny this capability, or the device might not be able to provide more accurate results than if this option was set to false.
autoUpdate When set to true, continually monitor the location of the device (beginning immediately) and fire {@link #locationupdate}/{@link #locationerror} events. When using google gears, if the user denies access or another error occurs, this will be reset to false.
maximumAge This option indicates that the application is willing to accept cached location information whose age is no greater than the specified time in milliseconds. If maximumAge is set to 0, an attempt to retrieve new location information is made immediately.
Setting the maximumAge to Infinity returns a cached position regardless of its age.
If the device does not have cached location information available whose age is no greater than the specified maximumAge, then it must acquire new location information.
For example, if location information no older than 10 minutes is required, set this property to 600000.
timeout The maximum number of milliseconds allowed to elapse between a location update operation and the corresponding {@link #locationupdate} event being raised. If a location was not successfully acquired before the given timeout elapses (and no other internal errors have occurred in this interval), then a {@link #locationerror} event will be raised indicating a timeout as the cause.
Note that the time that is spent obtaining the user permission is not included in the period covered by the timeout. The timeout attribute only applies to the location acquisition operation.
In the case of calling updateLocation, the {@link #locationerror} event will be raised only once.
If {@link #autoUpdate} is set to true, the {@link #locationerror} event could be raised repeatedly. The first timeout is relative to the moment {@link #autoUpdate} was set to true (or this {@link Ext.util.GeoLocation} was initialized with the {@link #autoUpdate} config option set to true). Subsequent timeouts are relative to the moment when the device determines that it's position has changed.
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