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MessageBoxConfig Class

Namespace: Ext

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
buttons An array of buttons, or an object of a button to be displayed in the toolbar of this {@link Ext.MessageBox}.
defaultTextHeight The default height in pixels of the message box's multiline textarea if displayed. @accessor
enterAnimation Effect when the message box is being displayed. @todo not implemented
exitAnimation Effect when the message box is being hidden. @todo not implemented
iconCls CSS class for the icon When null disables the icon. @accessor
msg The message to be displayed in the {@link Ext.MessageBox}. @accessor
promptConfig The configuration to be passed if you want an {@link Ext.field.Text} or {@link Ext.field.TextArea} field in your {@link Ext.MessageBox}. Pass an object with the property "multiline" with a value of true, if you want the prompt to use a TextArea. @accessor
title The title of this {@link Ext.MessageBox}. @accessor
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