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SortableConfig Class

Namespace: Ext

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
cancelSelector A simple CSS selector that represents elements within the draggable that should NOT initiate a drag.
constrain An Element to constrain the Sortable dragging to. Defaults to window. If true is specified, the dragging will be constrained to the element of the sortable.
delay How many milliseconds a user must hold the draggable before starting a drag operation. Defaults to 0 or immediate. @private @accessor
direction Possible values: 'vertical', 'horizontal' Defaults to 'vertical'
disabled Passing in true will disable this Sortable.
group Draggable and Droppable objects can participate in a group which are capable of interacting. Defaults to 'base'
handleSelector A simple CSS selector to indicate what is the handle to drag the Sortable.
itemSelector A simple CSS selector that represents individual items within the Sortable.
revert This should NOT be changed. @private
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