Deferred Constructor

The jQuery.Deferred() constructor creates a new Deferred object. The new operator is optional. jQuery.Deferred can be passed an optional function, which is called just before the constructor returns and is passed the constructed deferred object as both the this object and as the first argument to the function. The called function can attach callbacks using deferred.then() for example. A Deferred object starts in the pending state. Any callbacks added to the object with deferred.then(), deferred.done(), or are queued to be executed later. Calling deferred.resolve() or deferred.resolveWith() transitions the Deferred into the resolved state and immediately executes any doneCallbacks that are set. Calling deferred.reject() or deferred.rejectWith() transitions the Deferred into the rejected state and immediately executes any failCallbacks that are set. Once the object has entered the resolved or rejected state, it stays in that state. Callbacks can still be added to the resolved or rejected Deferred — they will execute immediately. The Deferred object is chainable, similar to the way a jQuery object is chainable, but it has its own methods. After creating a Deferred object, you can use any of the methods below by either chaining directly from the object creation or saving the object in a variable and invoking one or more methods on that variable.

Namespace: SharpKit.jQuery

Class: Deferred


public Deferred()
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