ReturnValueParseUrl Class

This function returns an object that contains the various components of the URL as strings. The properties on the object mimic the browser's location object:

Namespace: SharpKit.jQueryMobile

Base Types



Name Description


Name Description
authority The username, password, and host components of the URL
directory The directory component of the pathname, minus any filename.
domain The protocol and authority components of the URL.
filename The filename within the pathname component, minus the directory.
hash The fragment conponent of the URL, including the leading '#' character.
host The host and port number of the URL.
hostname The name of the host within the URL.
href The original URL that was parsed.
hrefNoHash The original URL minus the fragment (hash) components.
hrefNoSearch The original URL minus the query (search) and fragment (hash) components.
password The password contained within the authority component.
pathname The path of the file or directory referenced by the URL.
port The port specified within the URL. Most URLs rely on the default port for the protocol used, so this may be an empty string most of the time.
protocol The protocol for the URL including the trailing ':' character.
search The query component of the URL including the leading '?' character. But it also contains additional properties that provide access to additional components as well as some common forms of the URL developers access:
username The username contained within the authority component.
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