Tabs Class

Namespace: SharpKit.jQuery.UI.Controls


Name Description
Tabs(JsString, TabsOptions) Creates a new instance of Tabs
Tabs(JsString) Creates a new instance of Tabs


Name Description
ajaxOptions Additional Ajax options to consider when loading tab content (see $.ajax). Default: null
cache Whether or not to cache remote tabs content, e.g. load only once or with every click. Cached content is being lazy loaded, e.g once and only once for the first click. Note that to prevent the actual Ajax requests from being cached by the browser you need to provide an extra cache: false flag to ajaxOptions. Default: false
collapsible Set to true to allow an already selected tab to become unselected again upon reselection. Default: false
cookie Store the latest selected tab in a cookie. The cookie is then used to determine the initially selected tab if the selected option is not defined. Requires cookie plugin. The object needs to have key/value pairs of the form the cookie plugin expects as options. Available options (example): { expires: 7, path: '/', domain: '', secure: true }. Since jQuery UI 1.7 it is also possible to define the cookie name being used via name property. Default: null
deselectable deprecated in jQuery UI 1.7, use collapsible. Default: false
disabled An array containing the position of the tabs (zero-based index) that should be disabled on initialization. Default: []
event The type of event to be used for selecting a tab. Default: 'click'
idPrefix If the remote tab, its anchor element that is, has no title attribute to generate an id from, an id/fragment identifier is created from this prefix and a unique id returned by $.data(el), for example "ui-tabs-54". Default: 'ui-tabs-'
panelTemplate HTML template from which a new tab panel is created in case of adding a tab with the add method or when creating a panel for a remote tab on the fly. Default: ''
selected Zero-based index of the tab to be selected on initialization. To set all tabs to unselected pass -1 as value. Default: 0
spinner The HTML content of this string is shown in a tab title while remote content is loading. Pass in empty string to deactivate that behavior. Default: 'Loading…'
tabTemplate HTML template from which a new tab is created and added. The placeholders #{href} and #{label} are replaced with the url and tab label that are passed as arguments to the add method. Default: '#{label}'
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