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ButtonOptions Class

Options JSON object for Button

Namespace: SharpKit.jQuery

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Name Description


Name Description
create This event is triggered when button is created.
disabled Disables (true) or enables (false) the button. Can be set when initialising (first creating) the button. Default:false
icons Icons to display, with or without text (see text option). The primary icon is displayed by default on the left of the label text, the secondary by default is on the right. Value for the primary and secondary properties must be a classname (String), eg. "ui-icon-gear". For using only one icon: icons: {primary:'ui-icon-locked'}. For using two icons: icons: {primary:'ui-icon-gear',secondary:'ui-icon-triangle-1-s'} Default:{ primary: null, secondary: null }
label Text to show on the button. When not specified (null), the element's html content is used, or its value attribute when it's an input element of type submit or reset; or the html content of the associated label element if its an input of type radio or checkbox Default:HTML content of the button, or value attribute
text Whether to show any text - when set to false (display no text), icons (see icons option) must be enabled, otherwise it'll be ignored. Default:true
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